Successfully Using Visual Aids

in Your Presentation


Walsh-Covarrubias J. Successfully Using Visual Aids in Your Presentation. MedEdPORTAL; 2006. Available from:


The goal of this module is to help instructors more effectively deliver their message to their students by adding impact and interest to their presentation / lecture content through the use of visual aids.


Module Objectives:


Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to . . .

  • distinguish among the various ways that students can best receive and process information.

  • describe how the effective use of visual aids can impact a learner's information retention.

  • explain how effective visual aids can strengthen a presentation.

  • list common types of visual aids and describe ways to effectively use each type.

  • list the factors to consider when selecting visual aids.

  • describe the characteristics of effective visual aids.

  • list both disadvantages of using visual aids.


Several questions are interspersed throughout the material so that you can check your understanding of the information presented.