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Last Name First Name Research/Clinical Interest Title Keywords
ANANTHARAMAIAH G Apolipoproteins, Amphipathic Helices and Atherosclerosis
BEVENSEE MARK Cellular and Molecular Physiology of Acid-base Transporters and pH Regulation acid-base, bicarbonate, transporter, brain, fluorescence dyes, glia , heart, intracellular pH, microelectrodes, neuron, Xenopus oocyte, neuronal firing, kidney, polycystic kidney disease, epithelial sodium channel
BLALOCK J Rational Drug and Vaccine Design/Neutrophilic Inflammation
BRAUNEWELL KARL-HEINZ Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Function of neuronal calcium sensors in health and disease neuronal calcium sensor, glioblastoma, tumor invasion, signal transduction
BRENNER MICHAEL Molecular Sudies of Astrocytes in Health and Disease astrocyte, GFAP, transcription, neurodegeneration, transgenic mice
BRITT WILLIAM Human Herpesviruses, Molecular Virology and Pathogenesis cytomegalovirus, perinatal infections, virus assembly
BUSETTINI CLAUDIO Eye movements in a three-dimensional visual environment and mechanisms of binocular alignment eye movements, primate, vergence, saccade, adaptation
CLINTON SARAH The interplay of genes, stress, development and risk for mental illness stress, depression, anxiety, development
COWELL RITA Transcriptional regulation of interneuron-specific genes in development and neurodegeneration Transcription, Huntington Disease, schizophrenia, Tourette Syndrome, movement disorders, GABA, Neuroanatomy, Metabolism, Mitochondria, Neurobiology
DETLOFF PETER Mouse Models of Human Genetic Disorders
DOBRUNZ LYNN Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity in Hippocampus
FLOYD CANDACE Neuronal-Glial Interactions in Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, rat, mouse, astrocyte, protection, neuroprotection, pain
FULLER CATHERINE ENaC/ASIC Ion Channels; Sodium channels, glioma, migration, proliferation, cancer, signaling, polycystic kidney disease
GAMLIN PAUL Studies of the Neural Bases of Vision & Eye Movements pupil, vergence, gene therapy, fMRI
GAWNE TIMOTHY Information Processing in the Central Nervous System EEG, single units, vision, cortex, VEP, dynamics
GROSS ALECIA GPCR trafficking in neurons and rhodopsin-mediated retinal degenerations rhodopsin, autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa, GPCR trafficking, rab11, evi5, DENND4a, retinal degeneration, inflammatory response in retina
HABEGGER KIRK FGF21 as mediator of the metabolic actions of glucagon & Duodenal nutrient exclusion enhances glucose metabolism via CNS regulation
HABLITZ JOHN Cellular Mechanisms of Neurotransmission