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Last Name First Name Research/Clinical Interest Title Keywords
BALKOVETZ DANIEL Epithelial Cell Biology; Epithelial Cell Signal Regulation; Regulation of paracellular transport across epithelial cell tight junctions epithelial cells, claudins, tight junctions, E-cadherin, hepatocyte growth factor, ERK, MDCK
BALLINGER SCOTT Environmental cardiology, free radical biology, mitochondrial function atherosclerosis, environmental cardiology, mitochondria, oxidative stress, evolutionary medicine
BASU MALAY Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics Genomics, bioinformatics, high-performance computing, grid computing, computational biology, evolution
BELLIS SUSAN Cell/matrix interactions in disease and tissue regeneration integrin, death receptors, cell adhesion, apoptosis, signal transduction, glycosylation, extracellular matrix, bone, biomaterials, tissue engineering
BJORNSTI MARY-ANN DNA topoisomerase I, yeast genetics, cancer chemotherapeutics, TOR signaling, SUMOylation, DNA damage response, drug resistance, siRNA screening, breast cancer
BLUME SCOTT Specific regulation of gene expression at the translational level - through sequence-specific RNA-binding proteins and complex 5'-untranslated RNA sequences; dysregulation of gene-specific translational control mechanisms in cancer. RNA-binding proteins, gene-specific translational regulation, breast cancer, c-myc, IGF1R, internal ribosomal entry site (IRES).
CHANG CHENBEI Growth Factor Signaling and Transcription Regulation in Vertebrate Development TGF-beta, neural induction, BMP, ErbB, gastrulation, cell movement
CHEN YABING Gene Regulation and Function in the Pathogenesis of Disease vascular calcification, vascular osteoclasts, tumorigenesis and resistance
DAVIS RANDALL The developmental immunology of lymphocytes and immunoreceptor biology. Lymphoproliferative disorders and mechanisms that contribute to lymphomagenesis and autoimmunity. Immunology, lymphoproliferative disorders, B cells, Fc receptors, CLL, FCRL
DING QIANG Molecular mechanisms of organ fibrosis Signal Transduction; Cell Physiology, Adhesion & Migration Signaling; Molecular Genetics & Disease; Gene Regulation and Expression
ELTOUM ISAM-ELDIN - Clinical research in diagnostic cytology and surgical pathology- Tumorogenesis of prostate cancer and chemoprevetion - HPV infection EUS-FNA, Prostate cancer in transgenic animals, HPV infection, Cytology, Immunopathology
EVERTS MAAIKE Drug Discovery drug discovery, nanotechnology, gene therapy, oncology
FALANY CHARLES Biochemical and physiological properties of human cytosolic sulfotransferases
FAN JINDA Molecular imaging, optical and PET imaging
FENG XU The RANKL/RANK/OPG System in Health and Disease RANKL, RANK, OPG, Cell Differentiation, Cell Signaling, Osteoclast, Mammary Gland, Breast Cancer
FRANK STUART Growth Hormone Action and GH Receptor Structure and Function growth hormone, signaling, prolactin, IGF-1, growth factors
FROST ANDRA Fibroblast-Epithelial Cell Interactions and Developmental Pathways in the Development and Progression of Breast Cancer breast cancer, tumor-stromal interactions, GLI-mediated transcription, GLI1, primary cilia
FULLER CATHERINE ENaC/ASIC Ion Channels; Sodium channels, glioma, migration, proliferation, cancer, signaling, polycystic kidney disease