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Campus Address LHRB 790 Zip 0007
Phone 205-934-4261
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Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Primary  Surgery   Surgery - Cardiovascular/Thoracic Professor
Secondary  Medicine  Med - Cardiovascular Disease Assistant Professor
Secondary  Microbiology  Microbiology Assistant Professor
Center  Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases Center  Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases Center Professor
Center  Medicine  Ctr Cardiovasc Bio Professor

Graduate Biomedical Sciences Affiliations
Cell, Molecular, & Developmental Biology 
Cellular and Molecular Biology Program 
Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine 

Biographical Sketch 
Wittenberg University BA Biology Major History Minor 1981
University of Cincinnati Master of Science (Biology) 1983
University of Cincinnati Ph.D. (Biology) 1987

1987-1989 Post-doctoral training Laboratory of Max D. Cooper UAB
1989-1991 Post-doctoral training Laboratories of Max D. Cooper and Harry W. Schroeder UAB

2010 Director of Clinical and Basic Science Research, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
2007 Professor of Surgery
1999 Associate Professor of Surgery
1991 Assistant Professor of Surgery and Microbiology

Other Professional Acitivities:
Board of Directors, International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, 2010-pres; Program Committee, International Meeting on Heme Oxygenase 2009; International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT)– Awards committee 2000-Pres.; ISHLT Council on basic science and pathology 1993-Pres; ISHLT Chairman, Council on basic science and Pathology 2001-2008.; ISHLT Abstracts selection review committee 1994-Pres; ISHLT Co-chairman program committee on basic science and pathology 1995, 1996, 2000; American Society of Transplant Physicians - Scientific Studies Committee 1996-1999; NIH Study Section, Innovative grants on immune tolerance 2001; NIH Study section, Program projects on Immune tolerance and rejection 2003; NIH Ad-Hoc Member TTT Study section 2006; NIH Study Section, Tolerance Induction in Non-human primates 2007; Editorial Board J. Heart and Lung Transplantation 1995-1999; Associate Editor Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 1999-present

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation  Board of Directors 

Research/Clinical Interest
Immune regulation of post-transplant vascular disease and allograft rejection
Our studies are concentrated in transplantation immunobiology, particularly in relation to allograft vascular disease, immune regulation, and the role of heme oxygenase-1. As Director of the Transplantation Immunobiology Laboratory and the UAB Microsurgical Core Laboratory, Dr. George has pursued investigations in: The role of Heme oxygenase-1, in arterial thrombosis, and the development of post-transplant vascular disease, one of the largest limitations to long-term heart transplant survival. The mechanisms of clinical benefit from extracorporeal photopheresis, a clinical treatment involving the exposure of peripheral blood mononuclear cells to ultraviolet irradiation. The development of unique rodent-based animal models in acute kidney injury, including ischemia reperfusion and unilateral ureteral obstruction, and the molecular mechanisms of immunological tolerance. Dr. George also has a substantial interest in clinical outcomes research as it relates to transplantation and heart failure. As Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery Research, he oversees all clinical research efforts within the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Department of Surgery. Clinical research efforts in collaboration with heart failure physicians are concentrated on time-related analyses of outcomes with respect to patient demographic variables, clinical care, and post-treatment morbid events in patients undergoing heart failure, heart and lung transplantation, and those implanted with ventricular assist devices.

Transplantation, Heme oxygenase, Stress, Vascular disease, Heart disease, Nephrology