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Department MEDICINE Campus Birmingham
Course Type(s) Elective Facility UAB Medical Center
Course Director JAMES H. WILLIG, MD Enrollment Limit 4
Contact REBEKAH BARNETT Enrollment Minimum 1
Email Address THT 215, zip 2170
Phone (205) 934-5191 Fax 205-996-2416
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Prerequisites  Successful completion of the core internal medicine and surgery clerkships and any clerkship which covers the content material of the requested elective or acting internship course (e.g. Pediatric Clerkship must be successfully completed prior to taking a Pediatric Elective or AI). Internal Medicine, Surgery
Visiting Students Accepts students from US LCME accredited schools 
Accepts students from international schools 
No affiliated international students accepted 
No osteopathic students accepted 
Course Description The course may be 2 or 4 weeks in length. Students will be a member of a team consisting of an attending physician, one or two infectious disease fellows, two or three second or third year internal medicine residents, and one to four medical students. Students will perform histories, physical examinations, and medical record review of patients requested for infectious disease consultation. Students will focus on the microbiological assessment and the therapeutic plan for a variety of infectious disorders including fever of unknown origin, infective endocarditis, opportunistic infections in the setting of bone marrow or solid organ transplantation, and nosocomial infections. Students will develop an expanded fund of knowledge relative to the differential diagnosis of microorganisms causing infection and antimicrobial agents. Students will be expected to be active participants in scheduled Division of Infectious Disease conferences including twice weekly antibiotic lectures, weekly case conferences and other scheduled lectures.
Where To Report THT 215, 8 a.m.
Requirements Daily clinical activities, twice weekly antibiotic lectures, weekly case conference, weekly ID Grand Rounds
Evaluation Written evaluation by attending physician
Notes Note to Prospective Visiting Students: Course Contact can provide more information.